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Evolutionary systems biology is very broad in the sense that many different disciplines across biology, computer science and mathematics make pivotal contributions. However, much fewer labs aim to integrate data from different disciplines or aim to develop critical tools for facilitating the broader integration that EvoSysBio depends on.

This list aims to give an overview over labs that do work of interest for EvoSysBio and is intended to grow.

If you would like your lab to be included in this list of EvoSysBio labs, please email Ginger Ann

Researcher Website

Alon, Uri

Barkai, Naama
Bergman, Aviv
Borenstein, Elhanan

Fong, Stephen
Foster, Kevin

Hurst, Laurence
Jordan, King

Kishony, Roy

Landry, Christian
Lehner, Ben
Lercher, Martin

Loewe, Laurence
Maere, Steven
MacLean, Craig
Moses, Alan

Palsson, Bernhard
Pál, Csaba

Papp, Balázs
Peisajovich, Sergio
Ruppin, Eytan

Segrè, Daniel
Siegal, Mark
Soyer, Orkun
Tawfik, Dan
Van de Peer, Yves

Wagner, Andreas
Wittkopp, Patricia
Yin, John

For a list of systems biology institutes, see Nature's website.